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Professional EV Charger Installation in Naperville

When you’re ready to “go green,” charging an electric vehicle with the standard electrical outlets at your home or business can be frustrating. Because of the high voltage required, a DIY install for an EV charger or outlet can be very dangerous. Save yourself the time and trouble by contacting the EV charger installation experts at NuCo Electric instead. In addition to professional installs for EV charging stations, we also specialize in EV charger and outlet inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair. When our skilled electricians are through, you’ll have all the electrical capabilities you need to safely and conveniently charge your vehicle!

Your Tesla-Certified Electrician in Oswego, IL

At NuCo Electric, we are certified to install EV charging stations for all types of electric vehicles, including Teslas. That said, your EV’s ability to recharge depends on two factors: your home’s energy supply and the type of charging unit used. If it is like most, your electric car probably came with a Level 1 charger. While it can be used with a standard electrical outlet, these chargers are most useful for slow overnight charging. As a faster recharging alternative, Level 2 chargers require a 240-volt circuit to operate and should only be installed by a licensed electrician – like those at NuCo Electric.

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NuCo Electric will be happy to upgrade your existing electrical system to code and can even help you choose the best charger for your EV.





    Where will the EV charger be located?*

    Is your garage attached or detached?*

    What is the distance between the future EV charger outlet location and the wall where the electric enters/exits the garage?*

    Where is your electric panel located?*

    What is the distance from the panel to the garage?*

    How many open electrical circuits are available?*
    Number of unused punched metal rectangles on the panel

    What is the brand of your electrical panel?
    The brand is on the outside or sometimes on the inside of the panel door

    Is your garage drywalled?*

    Is your basement finished?*

    If your electric panel is in your basement, please confirm the ceiling is*

    What is the size of your electrical panel?*
    This can be found on the main breaker switch or inside the diagram within the inside cover on your panel box

    What charger would you like included with your estimate?*
    Example: NEMA 14-50, Tesla Wall Connector, Already purchased charger

    When are you looking to have the work complete?*

    What size circuit are you hoping to have service your EV charger? *Please note the size of the circuit will impact your charging speed.
    Example: 40amp, 50amp, 60amp

    Does your residence have a natural gas standby generator?*

    Is your home powered by solar panels?*

    What type of access is potentially available to the installer for routing the conduit/wiring from the electrical panel to the charging location?*

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